About Island Fibers

Island Fibers is an intentionally small business devoted to the traditional arts of spinning and weaving.  We support the Slow Fiber Movement, where "handmade" means made by real hands on traditional equipment.

We are part of a small rural community actively working to preserve an agricultural way of life on Lopez Island. 

Many of our neighbors are concerned with self-sufficiency and sustainability, raising organic produce, fruit, and meat, which is available in the village stores and at local farm stands. 

A thriving Farmers’ Market is also an outlet for many growers and artists.

As in other rural communities, our island food and wool producers are potentially endangered by rising land values and development pressure.  By making the best use of the extraordinary fiber produced by our local sheep farmers, we hope to support their efforts to keep high-quality wool production a viable way of life on the island.

Island Fibers is a result of our varied creative endeavors involving archaeology and freelance photography in the South Pacific, many years of landscape design, knitting, spinning, weaving, and fascination with all things sheepy.  And of course, a love of fine textiles, the fiber arts and all that goes into their creation.

The exceptionally fine quality Lopez Island wool is a staple in our handwovens, but we also work with other fibers, either alone or in blends:  alpaca, mohair, silk, linen, camel down, bison, hemp, cotton, bamboo, soy silk, rayon, cashmere, yak. 

Each fiber has its own special qualities of luster, softness, and strength.  And each accepts dye somewhat differently, so the possibilities for creating interesting yarns and textiles are endless.  We attend to each step of our process with care and love, to create rugs, blankets, garments and accessories that will give comfort and delight for many generations.

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