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Island Fibers creates one-of-a-kind and limited-edition hand woven rugs, blankets, garments, and accessories, as well as hand knit socks, hats, vests and tea cozies. We use the finest-quality fibers, including Lopez Island wool from the island’s small flocks of Romney, Coopworth, Navajo Churro, and natural-colored sheep.  Our specialty is a line of heirloom articles that are hand spun, hand dyed, and hand woven from Lopez Island wool.

At shearing time, during the spring and fall here on the island, we skirt and sort the fleece, saving the best for hand spinning.  The rest is sent off to a small woolen mill to be custom spun into knitting and weaving yarn.

The exceptional handspinning fleeces are selected for their special qualities of color, luster, crimp, and kindliness of hand.  We wash and scour them by hand and spin them either by themselves or blended with other fibers to suit their particular purpose.  We hand dye all our yarn, both millspun and handspun, in small batches, using vegetal dyes and weak-acid supermilling dyes activated by household vinegar.

We are happy to accept commissions and special requests for any of our fiber products, from yarn to finished rugs, blankets, and garments.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you personally to create your own color and designs.

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